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Title: Sheets of a Different Color
Author: [livejournal.com profile] katmarajade
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] secretsolitaire
Pairing: Sulu/McCoy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~300
Prompt: trying something new in bed
Summary: Sulu and McCoy pick out sheets for their new shared quarters.
Notes: This is not at ALL what you meant with that prompt, but this is what my mind came up with.

"What about green?" Sulu asked, ignoring the frustrated glare on McCoy's face.
"It's … green. What was wrong with white, again?"
"I just think that this will be more us. And it's soothing, comforting, warm—those are all good things."
"But I've always had white sheets. I had white sheets growing up. I had white sheets when I lived in resident housing for med school. I had white sheets at my house with Jocelyn. I had white sheets at the Academy. I have white sheets in my quarters. We use white sheets in sick bay. I like white sheets. They're clean and simple and smell like bleach."
"But we're not in sick bay or med school. We don't need a room that smells like a sterile OR. I don't want our room to smell like antiseptic and chlorine. I want it to smell like us. You, me, the slight earthy smell of my plants, mint and whiskey, soap and shoe polish, those crackers you like so much, those kind of things."
"Yes, but I don't see how fancy, colored sheets are going to make that much of a difference in how the place smells," McCoy grumbled.
"Ambience, Leonard," replied Sulu with a smile. Pointing at two samples, he asked, "Green or blue?"
*** *** ***

Three days later, they lay on soft, blue cotton sheets, Sulu's hand running mindlessly over McCoy's thigh while they read in bed. Their first night in their new shared quarters, which were just as cozy and relaxing as Sulu had promised.
Leaning over for a long, lazy kiss, McCoy smelled soap and mint and plants and them. Sulu had been right; it was better this way.


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