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Have some lovely recs for your holiday enjoyment. Some holiday themed joy for everyone. Older stuff I loved then, new stuff I've just read, and a partridge in a pear tree. Lots of holiday goodness below!

I Don't Even Wish For Snow by Anon at [livejournal.com profile] smutty_claus (Harry/Hermione, R, 5k) This is not one of my usual pairings, but for some reason this called to me and, oh my gosh, I so loved this! Completely and totally ensnared me. I love these interpretations of the characters. I love their life and how it's perfectly imperfect and a beautiful struggle.

I love Hermione being even more high strung than she ever was in school and a little prickly. Seriously, love her so much here. Yeah, being a prickly, highstrung Virgo myself that might just be my LOVE of seeing what so many people consider my "character flaws" written as just characteristics that make her Hermione and how Harry loves her for it. Seriously, you have no idea what it means to me to get validation like that sometimes in fic. So often those parts get glossed over or "fixed" to make her "better" and I LOVE that the author didn't do that, but instead showed WHY she comes across that way and translated those valid feelings and reactions to the reader. Harry's worries that Hermione isn't attracted to him because of her lack of sex drive or that she doesn't love/appreciate him because she is stressy over Christmas are so understandable and valid. I can't rec this enough, even if this isn't your usual pairing cuppa, give it a try. Such a lovely Christmas story.

The Right Recipe by ANON at [livejournal.com profile] smutty_claus (Neville/Lavender, NC-17, 6600) I love this pairing. The author makes Neville so wonderfully Neville-like, grown up and matured and tough but still a little sweetly clueless and insecure. Lavender's complications from the attack are so well done and add so much. And the bits with Neville's parents stand out above all else-- such a heartwarming story. And sexy hot. :) With lots of links to delicious recipes!

How Lavender Brown Learned To Hate Christmas by [livejournal.com profile] luvscharlie (George/Lavender, NC-17, 9500) There is no bad here. This pairing=awesome. The snark=incredible. The hilarity=hysterical. The sexiness=dj;algka;oigja;oie, holy hell. Lavender's narration is hilarious and wonderful, George is a delight, and this whole story is Christmas gold.

Yorkshire Puddings (ff.net link) by Karina4 (Harry/Draco, PG-13, 14k, non-magic AU) Also a pairing I am not huge into but OH SO GOOD. Honestly, you could read this as original fiction if you weren't into the characters, but if you DO love the characters, it makes this sooooo much richer and more beautiful. Harry and Draco meet at the market while shopping for Christmas dinner. There is snark and bickering and shopping trolley violence and frozen dessert outrage. Somehow Harry winds up joining the Malfoys for Christmas dinner. This is an oldie but goodie. Gets me filled up with holiday cheer every time!

A Carrol for a Wassel Bowl by ANON at [livejournal.com profile] hp_holidaygen Ginny-centric, epilogue compliant. Great look into Ginny's character, beautiful writing, a visit to Fred's grave, and a lovely bit of quiet Christmas morning at the Burrow before the real madness/festivities begin.

Rethink by ANON at [livejournal.com profile] hp_holidaygen Zacharias Smith. His thoughts during 5th year as he tries to figure out the truth. Such a great look into the totally believable, understandable, and sympathetic truth behind an often villainized character. This is not actually a holiday-centric fic (the theme of this post), but I can't help but rec it and rec it hard. anyway!

Home for the Holidays by [livejournal.com profile] twobees (Sulu/Chekov, R, 9400) Academy era adorableness with sweet crushes, blushing, Chekov family craziness, communicator conversations, and a Christmas shrub. So sweet, so cute, so cheer-up-y!

Walking After Midnight by [livejournal.com profile] hollycomb (Jim centric gen I would say featuring Jim/Bones, Sulu/Chekov, Spock/Uhura, and others) This is one of my favorite holiday fics ever. Jim doesn't have anywhere to go on Christmas and keeps calling his friends, who are busy with their own Christmas stuff. No one quite gets why he's around at first, but they are all wonderful friends and care so much. I love everything about this story. The Sulu/Chekov is sooooooo fantastic and sweet, Spock trying to deal with Uhura's family on Christmas is sweet and hilarious, Bones is spot on, and just every bit of this is a Christmas delight. I love this kind of story-- a lonely character trying to find a place to call home for the holiday.

All I Want For Christmas (Is You) by [livejournal.com profile] dreamdustmama (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, 18.5k) modern AU with CEO!Arthur and PA!Merlin, a secret santa exchange, secret pining, prickly and adorable Arthur, loads of Christmas goodness peppered with delightful misunderstandings, adorability, hilarity, and good cheer.

NOW F-LIST! WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY-THEMED FICS? Please be reccing me the goodies-- old stuff, new stuff, anything that will bring me some Christmas cheer. :)


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