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After lots of scrambling, cursing, screwing up, gnashing of teeth, babies kicking laptop screens, toddlers accidentally deleting huge blocks of text, desperate reading of Dreamwidth "how to's", and did I mention the swearing?, [community profile] interhouse_fest is now officially operating on Dreamwidth! \o/

So please stop by and check it out, and please please please tell your friends! I have very few people in my circle on Dreamwidth so far and absolutely no communities, so please point people our way! The critical information posts are now available to read on DW, so you should be able to participate even if you're avoiding LJ these days! *tempts*

Also, if you know of any mutual friends from LJ with different names on DW, could you point me in the right direction? And if there are any amazing communities or fests or whatever that I should be following. I'd love to expand my circle and start operating more fully on this platform.

Maybe I should actually upload another icon, too! Ha! Until then, nose in book girl for every post ever!

But priorities-- it's bedtime! Yes, I know that it's only 8:40. And? :-P
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Prompt Claiming is officially OPEN for the 2017 round of Interhouse Fest! Come check out all our amazing prompts and join in the fun at [livejournal.com profile] interhouse_fest!


To peruse a list of available prompts, click here


(And if nothing jumps out at you, you can check out the prompts from previous years or create your own-- just email us and we'll work with you!)

If you don't use/follow LJ regularly, please follow us on another platform! I'm going to try to get the DW site up and running ASAP, so please add [community profile] interhouse_fest to your reading list! (Is that right, I'm still trying to get this DW lingo down! *facepalm*) We also post reminders and info via [twitter.com profile] interhouse_fest and [tumblr.com profile] interhouse_fest if you'd like to follow us there! [personal profile] gelsey & I are slowly getting with the times and attempting to figure out all the cool new places. Bear with us. We're poky but determined!

Hope to see you over there!
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We're totally pokey and behind this year, but please come check out Interhouse Fest 2017!


We're hosting it on LJ but hoping to get a Dreamwidth Mirroring comm up and running too. Please stop by and leave us ALL THE AMAZING PROMPTS! We could really use some fresh ideas and variety! Any and all combinations of characters from different Hogwarts Houses are fair game! Gen, Het, Slash, Femme, Threesomes, etc. Help us out!

And please tell your friends! We can't wait to see you there!

♥ Your friendly neighborhood Interhouse Mod


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